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i love touching my hair .i love reading blogs .i hug my friends Wen am embarrassed .am not a fan of popcorn .i'd rather watch movies,eat ND sleep -day than to go for a party .everything about food excites me(the sight, the aroma etc) .i can remix songs Ehn (I don't think I know d... Continue Reading →

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Currently listening to attention by charlie puth Hey FAM,am back here like I never left..(lol).....I hope ur week is going on well?.....Today I'd b doing sth quite different..... I am no relationship expert tho *smiles*,.....many of us (including myself) are guilty of wat am about to share....I Hve learnt a lot from this nd wld... Continue Reading →

#Ten songs for Feb 14

Happy Valentine's dayyyyyy in addyyy........yayyyyy,hope y'all are enjoying ur day....I'll be doing a kind of song review but its basically love songs( my kind of songs sha).....I'll just list d artists,title of song and my fav. Part for d first five. * k-ci &JoJo -All my life "all my life I prayed for someone like... Continue Reading →


Hello beautiful Pple........ How's ur Monday going???....While thinking of Sth to post today,the statement "NEMO QUOD NON HABET " which is is a Latin maxim came to my mind (thanks to ACC 211)...it means that "you can't give wat u don't hve".i read a book Nd some articles over d weekend which gve me a... Continue Reading →

Movie review

Hello beautiful pple......T. G. I. F....hope y'all are njoying ur evening....This post is gonna b a kinda movie review/biography thing........ So let's dive right in.....its a comedy Nigerian TV series ........#drumroll SGIT (skinny girl) rl in transit) Yayyy!!! This series was produced by Ndani Tv...its a Nigerian comedy series abt a young plus size lady... Continue Reading →

Friendships change

The fact that our lives change so much thats inevitable our friends will. Wen u look bck over ur life - school ,the places u used to live -there are all sorts of friends whom u were close to then but now have little or no contact with. It happens to all of us. You... Continue Reading →


Hey there, welcome to my blog....... Here I'll be writing abt different stuff... Just random things that come up it may b food, a story, a view etc..... Subscribe Nd njoy

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